Teachers & Leaders

Excellent Teachers

At KIPP Colorado, outstanding teachers are the backbone of ensuring student achievement. KIPP Colorado invests in the ongoing development of our teachers by holding weekly teacher professional development, Data Days, instructional coaching, and resource sharing through the national KIPP network.

Data Days
Once every six weeks, each school hosts a Data Day, where teachers assess results from all material taught over the previous six weeks. Using that data, they are able to group students by ability level and personalize instruction, ensuring students receive the help they need in targeted areas and are challenged in areas where they are more proficient.

The Four Elements of Excellent Teaching

Self & Others
Excellent teaching requires a teacher to have a clear understanding of his/herself and his/her connection to others, and a growth mindset that allows the teacher to take ownership for the success of all KIPPsters.

Classroom Culture
In an excellent classroom culture, the teacher focuses on countless tangible and intangible details to create an environment where students are joyfully engaged, meaningfully on-task, and feel ownership for their individual and collective successes in college and in life.


The Teaching Cycle
Excellent teaching means a teacher must plan and execute rigorous, engaging lessons that fit into a logical scope and sequence, as well as use student data to assess mastery of objectives and movement toward big goals for student achievement and growth.

Teaching is an art and a science. As the artists and scientists, teachers are responsible for building an understanding of child development, pedagogy, and content. Teachers are responsible for knowing what they are teaching, how it fits in a K-16 continuum, and who they are teaching it to.

Visionary Leadership

Leadership Competency Model

Outstanding schools are built, led, and sustained by great leaders. We believe that it is the school leader who attracts talented teachers, fosters their growth and development, and creates a culture of excellence for all. We further believe that leaders must be empowered to freely and autonomously make the decisions that will best meet the needs of their students and school community.

Leadership Development
KIPP Colorado began laying the groundwork in 2014 to ensure that our teachers have the opportunity to participate in the national KIPP School Leadership Programs (KSLP). KIPP Colorado is prioritizing leadership development by investing heavily in our leaders through this high-quality program, individualized coaching, and ongoing leadership development opportunities. During the 2014-15 school year, KIPP Colorado was able to send 15 teachers and school leaders to KSLP. Our goal is to continue offering this opportunity in the future.

KSLP now consists of six distinct developmental leadership programs serving teacher leaders to school leaders. Learn more.