Our Vision & Approach

What makes a KIPP education unique?

All KIPP Colorado schools share a core set of operating principles known as the Five Pillars. As our network continues to grow, we are constantly reflecting on the beliefs below to build and grow high-performing schools. KIPP Denver Collegiate High School teachers, school leaders, and staff focus on:

A Belief in All Students

At KIPP Denver Collegiate High School, our work is grounded in the core belief that all students can, and will, learn and achieve at the highest levels.

A Vision of Empowering Student Ownership

KIPP Denver Collegiate High School graduates will have internalized a personal code of character, a high standard of academic excellence, and a sense of purpose on their path to and through college.

Academics & Character

  • Our students, teachers and parents make a commitment to academic success. Students navigate an academically rigorous, college preparatory curriculum and spend more time in school than their peers.

We believe that most fundamental of all in a scholar’s success in college is character. A strong foundation of character will empower students to overcome challenges and achieve academic and career success, regardless of circumstances.

At KDC, we believe that five core character principles undergird success to and through college:

Team and Family | Initiative | Ganas | Excellence | Resilience

These are the TIGER principles. They define what it means to be a scholar at KDC, and lay a foundation for success beyond.

Climbing the Mountain To & Through College

Our ultimate goal is to see our students to and through college, and we commit to supporting our students through their time in college, and even beyond. Learn more about KIPP Through College.

Four "To & Through College" Priorities

KDC is a college preparatory high school. Our academic program is designed with the goal and expectation that 100 percent of our scholars will be accepted to and graduate from college. Ultimately, it is our belief that success in college demands well-developed academic knowledge and skills, a core set of academic habits, advanced thinking skills, and a strong foundation of character. The KDC academic experience reflects attention to these four facets of college success.



Excellent Teachers & Leaders

Outstanding schools are built, led, and sustained by empowered leaders. Supported by great leaders, excellent teachers help students develop the character, knowledge, habits of mind, and skills needed to be successful in college and the world beyond.  Learn more about KIPP Colorado's teachers and leaders.

Community Engagement

We believe in working in partnership with students' families as well as the communities in which our schools are located.