In the spirit of our mission to get 100 percent of our KIPPsters to and through college, our curriculum and instructional programming is aligned to the Common Core State Standards. While we use different, rigorous curricula as resources, we believe it is the quality and expertise of the teacher that makes the difference for students in the classroom. We invest heavily in our teachers, and ensure they are equipped with the tools, knowledge, and skills to reach all of our learners.


Our reading teachers draw from the complex texts of the national KIPP Wheatley curriculum to create integrated thematic units that allow our students to deeply engage with both literature and non-fiction.


Using a school-wide, rigorous PBA (performance-based assessment) rubric, our KIPPsters learn how to write college-level argumentative essays about content they learn in both reading and social studies classes.


Using the nationally acclaimed Eureka math curriculum, our math teachers focus on developing our KIPPsters' fluency and conceptual understanding of mathematics.

Social Studies

Our social studies teachers integrate literacy through weekly close reading lessons and authentic yearlong performance tasks (in the form of Project Citizen and National History Day) to engage our students in rich learning experiences related to history, civics, geography, and economics.


With a focus on developing scientific thinking and communications skills, our science teachers use close reading lessons and engage students in experimental labs frequently to foster their inherent curiosity of the natural world.