Daily Routines & Expectations

Daily Schedule

Student Drop-Off & Arrival: Beginning at 7:45 am

Family members may begin dropping off students at 7:45 am. It is important that we do not have students try to enter the building prior to this time as all staff will be occupied in a morning meeting. Students should ALWAYS enter through the KME entrance, and never enter through the Highline Academy main office entrance.

Doors Open: 7:45 am

KME doors open at 7:45 am. Students who enter the building between 7:45 and 8:10 am must report directly to their teacher to turn in homework, have breakfast, and begin school day systems and procedures.

Late Arrival: After 8:10 am

KME doors close at 8:10 am. After this time, staff will have gone up to the school. In order to enter the building, you will have to buzz in and bring your child into the building. No students should be dropped off at the building after 8:10 am; instead, you will need to bring the child in, upstairs, and sign them in late at the main office. The full tardy policy can be found in the school handbook.

School Day Begins: 8:10 am


Students must arrive to their teacher’s room by 8:10 am. All students will receive breakfast during arrival or during morning meeting. Morning breakfast is free for every student. By 8:15 am, breakfast will be cleaned up and students will begin learning time.

Student Dismissal: 4:15 pm
(Exception: Tuesday dismissal is at 1:45 pm)


Every day except Tuesday, students will begin dismissing from their classrooms at 4:15 pm. Dismissal will happen at the back of the school building, whereas arrivals mostly happen in the front of the building. Parents fill out a sheet at registration that asks their child’s method of transportation and we follow this sheet throughout the year.


A detailed daily schedule can be found in the school handbook.