Academics at KIPP Northeast Elementary

We aim to develop leaders who will collaborate, ask questions, defend their conclusions, and have the confidence to think differently; leaders who will take risks and work to find solutions for the betterment of their community and society as a whole. In order to prepare our students to be tomorrow’s leaders they will need the academic knowledge, critical thinking, social capital and voice to be college graduates and community leaders.


Our KIPPsters joyfully engage in challenging and culturally relevant texts to understand and expand their perspective of our world. In order to support our students’ love of reading and making meaning with text, we believe in a balanced approach where every teacher leads students to engage in texts in an authentic way. We teach reading with phonics, guided reading, reader’s workshop, and shared reading. We teach our students to be authors with our writer’s workshop approach.


At KIPP Northeast Elementary, we approach math in a holistic manner by first teaching conceptually. We provide students the opportunity to construct meaning by discovering patterns and strategies to solve problems. We believe that when students make meaning of math concepts and approach math through problem solving and critical thinking, students are prepared to tackle new problems. In addition to using Eureka math as the primary curriculum, students will have a problem solving math block with Cognitively Guided Instruction.


Our science curriculum approach is hands-on, inquiry-based learning, problem solving, and contains high levels of literacy. Our science instruction prepares our students for mastering scientific content as well as developing their nonfiction reading and writing skills.

Social Justice

Our students will be the future leaders of the Far Northeast community and in order to prepare them, we need to provide students with the context of history, the knowledge of change makers that came before them, and the desire to pursue equity and justice. Beginning in kindergarten, students will receive rigorous, social justice driven, project-based social studies instruction.

Spanish & Music

We want our students to be on a path of bilingualism to support their acquisition of English, their connection to their community, and to create opportunities for their future leadership. Students learn Spanish in music class to develop both their language and music skills.

Social Skills

We teach our students social skills every day to support their social-emotional development. Every week, students learn a new social skill in our morning meeting, and they practice that social skill through games and play.