Commitment to Excellence

After enrolling at KIPP Northeast Denver Leadership Academy, the school leader, teachers, parents, and students sign a non-binding pledge called a “Commitment to Excellence.”

At KIPP Northeast Denver Leadership Academy, we believe that promises are sacred.

We believe in the power of Team and Family. We believe in the power of striving for and attaining excellence. We believe in working harder and smarter. We believe in being nice. We believe in giving and getting support when needed. And ultimately, we believe that an excellent education can improve lives.

At KIPP Northeast Denver Leadership Academy, we believe that this document represents a three-way promise between the student, the school, and the family to do whatever it takes to reach our goal of to and through college for all KIPP students.



In order to climb the mountain to and through college, I promise to:

•    Promote Team and Family by showing kindness and concern for others.
•    Show initiative by taking responsibility for my success and taking action to achieve my goals.
•    Demonstrate a zest for learning.
•    Strive for excellence by performing to a high standard of quality in all that I endeavor.
•    Show grit by continuing onward and upward with hope and a positive attitude, even in the face of difficulty.
•    Take accountability for my choices when I have done something that breaks trust with the community, and do whatever it takes to repair relationships.
•    Contact my teachers or peers by phone or email if I have questions. No excuses.  
•    Complete my assigned homework on time, and be prepared for daily lessons.
•    Be on time for all normal school days and testing schedules.
•    Strive for academic excellence because I know that colleges will evaluate both my GPA, ACT scores, and involvement.
•    Uphold all school policies and expectations as defined in the KMCHS school handbook.


In order to climb the mountain to and through college, we promise to:

•    Do whatever it takes to make sure our student is at school every single day on time.
•    Provide a quiet and dedicated study environment for homework or allow our student to stay late at school and get help from a teacher.
•    Attend the occasional mandatory parent meeting so that we can be informed of events at KNDLA.
•    Schedule and attend Parent-Teacher Conferences to be aware of our student’s progress toward promotion and graduation.
•    Talk with our student about his/her report cards and progress reports.
•    Share any situations outside of school that could impact our student’s learning with a KNDLA staff member.
•    Read the KNDLA handbook and ensure our student follows all policies and expectations.
•    Support our student in the belief that college is attainable through hard work.


In order to climb the mountain to and through college, we promise to:

•    Hold high expectations for all KNDLA students in their academic and character growth.
•    Monitor the academic performance of students in our advisory and intervene when necessary.
•    Provide students with rigorous and engaging lessons.
•    Provide meaningful homework, which will allow students to sharpen their skills.
•    Do whatever it takes for students to master the content and understand that failure is not an option.
•    Uphold KNDLA policies in a consistent and fair manner.
•    Participate in opportunities that further our own education and seek to constantly improve our practice.
•    Be available to students and their families by returning phone calls or emails within two business days, at the latest.
•    Post grades weekly so students know their status.
•    Work hard to always put the needs of students and their education first.