Academic Results

KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy consistently ranks as one of the highest-performing public schools in Denver.

For the past three years, KSPA has received the highest-possible rating, “Distinguished,” on Denver Public Schools' School Performance Framework (SPF). In 2013-14, KSPA ranked as the eighth highest performing school in the district. Notably, KSPA has the highest percentage of students eligible for free and reduced price lunch (98.9%) out of all "Distinguished"-rated schools in the district.

We also evaluate success based on our students’ performance and growth on regular state and nationally-normed assessments such as the Transitional Colorado Assessment Program (TCAP). The 2013-14 TCAP results marked KSPA’s third year of consecutive growth, and it ranked in the top ten for overall growth out of all schools in the district.

In 2013-14, KSPA students significantly outperformed students at DPS-designated similar schools. For example:

  • • KSPA is outperforming the district for eighth grade proficiency in reading, writing, and math, and outperforming the overall state average for math and writing.

  • • KSPA saw the sixth-highest math growth out of all middle schools in the district.

  • • KSPA is outperforming the district and the state for sixth grade proficiency in reading, writing and math.

  • • KSPA fifth graders are outperforming both the district and the state in overall proficiency in math.

• In addition to strong growth scores, KSPA saw increases in student proficiency increases in reading and writing.

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Percentage of Students Who Scored
Proficient or Advanced on 2013-14 TCAP