Denver School Board Approves New KIPP Elementary School for Southwest Denver

May 19, 2017

DENVER—The Denver School Board unanimously voted yesterday to approve the application for KIPP Sunshine Peak Elementary to open in the 2018-19 school year. The new school will initially educate students in Pre-K3 through second grade and will grow to educate students in Pre-K3 through fourth grade in Southwest Denver. 

KIPP Sunshine Peak Elementary will offer Transitional Native Language Instruction (TNLI), allowing Spanish-speaking students to celebrate and strengthen their Spanish abilities while also taking traditional courses in English. 

KIPP Colorado Schools Chief Executive Officer, Kimberlee Sia, celebrated the approval of the new school as a win for Southwest Denver. 

“With the opening of this new elementary school, we’re fulfilling our promise to families by building a strong pre-k to college continuum in Southwest Denver,” said Sia. “We’re working closely with families and the community to create a culturally responsive curriculum that will allow students to see college as an opportunity from a very early age.”

The new school will join two existing KIPP schools in the neighborhood. KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy, a middle school, and KIPP Denver Collegiate High School currently educate more than 800 students in grades five through twelve.

Ivonne Aponte, a KIPP Colorado alumna and mother of a three-year-old, said the new school would benefit her family and community. 

“As I start thinking about pre-k and elementary school for my daughter, I want her to have the opportunity to get a great public education and go to college—just like her mom,” she said. “When I heard that KIPP Colorado was looking to open an elementary school in Southwest Denver, I was thrilled. When I think about my own KIPP education, I only wish I had been able to start earlier.”

The mission of KIPP Colorado Schools is to equip students with the academic skills and character strengths necessary to succeed in college and the competitive world beyond. With the opening of KIPP Sunshine Peak Elementary, students in Southwest Denver will be able to start on their journey to and through college and toward a choice filled life as early as possible.


KIPP Colorado Schools is a network of five charter public schools educating 1,800 students in Southwest Denver and Far Northeast Denver from kindergarten through 12th grade. It is part of the national KIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program) network of 200 schools in 20 states and Washington, D.C.