KIPP Colorado Results

Beyond test scores, all KIPP regions look at a holistic set of indicators of school health using KIPP’s Healthy Schools & Regions framework, which revolves around our Six Essential Questions. We continually ask ourselves these six questions to keep us focused on the student and school outcomes we believe are vital to helping our students succeed.

Are we serving the children who need us?

95% of our students are eligible for free/reduced price lunch.

Are our students staying with us?

84% of our students returned in 2013-14.

Are our students progressing and achieving academically?

Our students show significant gains in both reading and math.

Are our alumni climbing the mountain to and through college?

85% of KIPP Denver Collegiate High School students from 2013-14 and 2014-15 have matriculated to college.

88% of KIPP Denver Collegiate High School graduates are persisting in college or have already graduated from college.

Are we building a sustainable people model?

In 2013-14, we retained 83% of our teachers.

Are we building a sustainable financial model?

All schools have a balanced financial model; our audit had no material findings. Click here for financial transparency.