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The mission of KIPP Colorado’s Advisory Board is to support and advance the mission of KIPP Colorado as it strives to sustain and grow a network of high-performing charter schools serving students in educationally underserved communities throughout Colorado. The Advisory Board engages early to mid-career professionals in initiatives that further enable KIPP Colorado to continue its mission to empower students with the strength of character and academic abilities necessary to succeed to and through college and lead lives full of choice and opportunity. 

KIPP Colorado is a network of five free, open-enrollment, college-preparatory public charter schools dedicated to preparing students in educationally underserved communities for success in both college and life. KIPP Colorado's mission is to equip our students with the academic skills and character strengths necessary to succeed in college and the competitive world beyond. KIPP Colorado’s vision is that one day, all public school students in Colorado will have the option to attend an excellent K-12 school and to graduate college empowered to choose their path in life and make positive contributions to their communities

The Advisory Board supports KIPP Colorado by promoting and supporting the important work of KIPP Colorado teachers and students, coordinating meaningful mentorship and learning opportunities for students and alumni, fundraising on behalf of such efforts, and raising public awareness of KIPP Colorado.

Profile and Activities

The KIPP Colorado Advisory Board’s work is focused on three primary goals:

  1. Build ambassadors for KIPP Colorado and our KIPPsters: The KIPP Colorado Advisory Board members helps raise public awareness about the impressive work of KIPP Colorado hosting networking events and developing educational opportunities for the community.
  2. Coordinate meaningful volunteer and learning opportunities for KIPP students and alumni: Advisory Board members are key partners in strengthening KIPP’s volunteer and mentoring program; they will also actively work to connect with students and alumni around college, internships and career opportunities.
  3. Support critical development efforts for KIPP Colorado’s college and alumni program: The Advisory Board contributes annually to the fundraising efforts of KIPP Colorado by supporting the development efforts, through fundraisers, corporate sponsorship opportunities, and networking events that introduce people and companies to the important work of KIPP Colorado.

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