Corporate Support

Corporate Partners

Corporate philanthropy is good for business and great for KIPP Colorado Schools. Several studies have shown that consumers understand and appreciate non-profit partnerships—and that those partnerships greatly influence purchasing decisions. Corporate philanthropy allows a company to show that they care about the community and are working to provide the opportunity for KIPPsters (students) to climb the mountain to and through college and become future business leaders.

Members of KPMG's marathon relay team, who participated in the 2015 Colfax Marathon in support of KIPP Colorado Schools.

Colorado Rapids at Growing Minds Luncheonq

Representatives from the Colorado Rapids at the 2015 Growing Minds Luncheon, which the Rapids sponsored.

Corporate partnerships at KIPP Colorado Schools include:

• Event and academic sponsorships
• The opportunity to serve on KIPP Colorado's Advisory Board
• The opportunity to offer internships to KIPP Colorado high school students and alumni

For more information about corporate partnerships please contact Stephanie Gordon via email or by phone at (720) 724-3803.